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Terms of Use



The types of licenses available for each product are as follows. If only you plan on using the downloaded rig, purchase a Single Seat License. This license allows you and only you to use the purchased rig. If up to 50 individuals are working with the purchased file on a single project, please purchase a group license to allow you to share the file amongst your team. If distributing one of my products to a class of up to 50 people, the same license listed above applies. For a school, either purchase a school license, or send me an email inquiring about custom school licenses. If your school contains less than 50 students, a group license will suffice. For all bulk licenses, the buyer is responsible for distributing the rig file to the legal recipients. Commercial licenses may also be available (see below). No matter the license, all legal recipients of the rig files are permitted to keep the files forever. Files are not locked to your workstation and do not contain any confusing security. Just a .ma file, plain and simple. Please respect this freedom and follow the sharing guidelines listed below under "Sharing Files."


Commercial Use

Free Products:

If you downloaded any of my free products prior to May 17, 2019, you are free to use them for commercial use. If you downloaded them after, you are limited to non-commercial use, although I'll never ask you what you are using them for.

If purchased prior to 11/28/18 or after 10/4/2020:

With the exception of Bonnie and Kayla, all of my rigs require that you purchase a commercial license for commercial use. Commercial licenses are not seat-based and therefore you can share it amongst your team, as long as it is for the same company. YouTube monetization or similar uses are only permitted if you own a commercial license or received your rig through a school that owns a school license. Schools that purchase a school license are free to use the purchased rig to advertise for their school despite not owning a commercial license. Commercial use of Bonnie and Kayla is free.

If purchased between 11/28/18 and 10/2/2020:

My products are intended for non-commercial use.

Sharing Files

It's a small industry. Please do not pirate or share purchased files outside of the parameters your license describes. In order for me to continue to create rigs for you all, this business model needs to remain lucrative. Please play nice. :)


Content and Creator Rights

You may use my rigs and assets for any non-commercial projects you want, as long as you keep the material PG-13. Crediting me for the creation of the rig is not required, but is appreciated. The only right that I hold on work you create with my rigs is that I can use any videos that you upload to the internet for promotional purposes, such as a video showcasing multiple animation pieces with my rigs.

Broken Files, Updates, and Refunds

If you purchase a product from me and the file appears broken or in non-working fashion, please send me an email on the contact page letting me know. If the issue is fixable I will release an updated file that all who have purchased the rig will receive in a timely manner. If the issue is not fixable or is specific to your software/hardware you may request a refund from me. You may not request a refund based on personal dissatisfaction with the rig -- only based on incompatibility and unfixable broken files. It is ultimately up to me if I grant you a refund, and it will be taken on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes I will release free updates to existing rigs, such as mods and feature additions. These updates will be emailed to existing buyers as soon as they go live, as well as added to the official download file for new customers.


Rig Mods

Feel free to edit the rigs as you desire, as long as you do not share it beyond what your license dictates. An edited file does not make it yours, and you are still forbidden from sharing that. If you really like the mod you created and most original functionality of the rig remains in tact, please feel free to send it to me and I will consider including it with the official rig download.

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