Note: This collection contains tools at various levels of stability and annotation, created over past 5 years without the goal of public distribution. I think you'll get a lot of use from them, but there is always the possibility that some of them may not work in all versions of Maya, or for every situation.

25+ Tools to Speed Up Your

Rigging Workflows!


Connect Attributes

Simple UI to quickly connect attributes together, either individually or in batch. Think of it as a re-imagined connection editor.

Driver Multiplier

An alternative to Set Driven Key. Drive attributes in real-time by a multiplier of another attribute. Creates separate multipliers for positive and negative values.

Pose Reader

Creates a quad-directional pose reader for rotational-based corrective shapes.

Extract Blend Deltas

Quickly extracts the delta between a posed shape and a sculpted corrective shape.

* Does not take skin clusters into consideration.

Connect Combos

Tells a corrective shape attribute to activate as the result of two other shape attributes multiplied by each other.

Duplicate Shape

Replace the shape node of a control with the shape node of another control.

Hierarchy Helpers

Quickly create controls, locators and groups above selected joints/objects while maintaining existing hierarchies.

Parent Cluster Inverse Matrices

Fancy way of saying "trick clusters to follow in local space."

Quick Follicle Creation

Create a single follicle based on a nearby object's location.

And many more...

Terms of Use

You may use these tools for anything you like, commercial or non-commercial, so long as you do not redistribute them. By downloading you understand that some of these tools may not function as advertised in various situations, and in certain versions of Maya.

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